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Dapper.Net by example

When the team behind StackOverflow released the mini-ORM Dapper, we were enthousiastic. An ORM with performance in mind! Microsoft’s Entity Framework is still lagging behind and feels (is) like a beast.

Code generation/scaffolding with Visual Studio T4 templates

T4 templates are a feature of Visual Studio that is for some reason quite hidden. Could we harness it’s power to do some simple code generation? For example, given a model, generate code from a data class (DAO) and interface, a business logic class and interface and a test class? That would be a real time saver.

Visual Studio JavaScript autocompletion (VSDoc IntelliSense)

Visual Studio has autocompletion (IntelliSense, VSDoc) for the JavaScript language and of code in the same file. But it would also be nice if it could also autocomplete on your on JavaScript code in other files. Documentation on how to achieve this is not advertised. jQuery supplies vsdoc files for their framework. How to use those or make your own? Usually you would have make separate vsdoc files, just referencing the original files will be enough.

Image free comment pointers with CSS

Suppose you want to display comments with a nice ‘pointer’ (how to call it?). You could of course hassle with some images. But images take time to load and are difficult to get right. You could alternatively resort to drawing on a canvas. But why use images or a canvas if you can use CSS?

ASP.NET MVC with StructureMap

For a recent web project, we had the opportunity to use the state of the art .NET tools. Naturally we took the opportunity to take advantage of the new ASP.NET MVC goodness. We don’t stop there and wanted to use
a modern Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection framework too.