Powerful B2B & B2C e-commerce solutions

15 years of e-commerce experience and successful partnerships.

A solution for every need

Our dedicated team builds high-quality and reliable e-commerce solutions.

Tritac in a nutshell

Tritac in a nutshell

We are experienced e-commerce specialists and efficient go-getters. Our mission is to use small-scale and dedicated teams to build high-quality and reliable solutions for our customers. Our Katana platform can do everything our clients need. For B2B and B2C stores we have Katana Commerce, Katana PIM is our straightforward product management tool and Katana Marketplace & ChannelEngine are the portals between your platform and marketplaces.

High-quality, one-stop solutions

We see ourselves as real techies. Together with our customers and the end users, we solve complex problems.
Our focus is on unburdening you completely. And we can do just that because we manage our own platform (Katana) and our own servers, and because we have an in-house design team, our own developers and many experienced e-commerce advisors.



We know this business and we can assist with any question. Our many years of real-world experience allow us to provide you with excellent e-commerce consultancy.



Through the right mix of technology and creativity, we design your e-commerce solution to connect with your target audience.



Using the newest technologies and built on a future-proof platform, we’ll turn your requirements into an easy-to-use and pleasant e-commerce environment.



Because our focus is always long-term, the websites and stores we built are durable, scalable, easily upgraded and always adaptable to your needs.



We’re continuously working on our platform and we actively manage it. We can ensure a reliable and securely working platform. You won’t ever have to worry about that.



An online store is often part of a larger environment. We’ll integrate your store with your other systems to make it work for your workflow.

15 years of experience

15 years of experience

Our approach is based on many years of real-world e-commerce experience. And we use proven success formulas as the foundation for the development of our durable and flexible platform.

Our 90 day step-by-step plan

Your Katana e-commerce solution can become a reality in ninety days!

Tritac - Customer needs

Customer needs

It always starts with a need for change, a new adventure, a desired improvement or a new path to online success.

Tritac - Orientation


You look for a suitable party with the best e-commerce solution and you enter into discussions with multiple companies to get a good picture.

Tritac - Exploration


Of course you came to us! We listen carefully to your mission and vision. Together we discuss your wishes and requirements.

Tritac - Definition document

Definition document

If we decide to work together, we prepare an extensive definition document. This usually includes a technical, functional and graphic design.

Tritac - Quotation


With the definition document you can go in any direction if desired ... but of course we prefer to realize your e-commerce platform and make an offer for this.

Tritac - Setup & configuration

Setup & configuration

Once approved, the project is planned and we first start with the setup & configuration of your new Katana platform.

Tritac - Implementation


During implementation, developers & designers work together to ensure that programming work and the implementation of the design run as smoothly as possible.

Tritac - Test phase

Test phase

The test phase includes both the internal tests on our side and the test and acceptance on your side. The feedback and fine-tuning is processed accordingly.

Tritac - Delivery & explanation

Delivery & explanation

If the testing phase is successful, we will provide training for your internal organization to get to know the Katana platform.

Tritac - Launch


When the test phase and delivery have been completed, nothing will stand in the way of a live go. Off to the stars ... and beyond!