Jorrit Steinz


  • E-commerce specialist
  • Final boss
  • Kite surfer
  • Adrenaline
  • Globetrotting
  • Fearless

If our office was a video game, Jorrit would be the final boss. An entrepreneur at heart and a seasoned E-commerce expert, he has many years of experience in the business.

About 14 years ago Jorrit started Tritac and our company has grown from a small business of 3 people to a thriving business where more than 20 people find fulfilling work every day of the week. He now leads several companies and has become a real expert in E-commerce, marketplaces, online marketing, supply chain integration, fulfillment and all other aspects of the E-commerce world.

Kitesurfing is his middle name and he prefers adrenaline-based activities. Jorrit is a true globetrotter and has probably seen more of the world than the rest of us combined!

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