Merijn van den Hoven

Frontend designer

  • Board game fanatic
  • Designer
  • Frontend Developer
  • UI/UX
  • Building. Previously with Lego now with HTML/CSS
  • Nintendo
  • Team Yeti
  • Schwarzenegger Fanboy
  • Team Healthy

An unprecedentedly creative person whom you'll often see working in deep concentration. He knows every board game there every was and every will be, so you better think twice before you challenge him to a game of 7 Wonders or Agricola.

He enjoys implementing designs which are both beautiful and eminently usable. Working with code (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) all day gives him a deep sense of satisfaction. Every project has new challenges: What is the best way to implement a design? Are there new techniques available? Is it also user-friendly on smartphones and tablets? These are all issues he likes to figure out and solve in the best way possible. His work is only every really done when everything is done right, down to the last pixel.

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