6 Ways to attract customers to your store in Q4

6 Ways to attract customers to your store in Q4

19 May 2017  |  E-commerce

Last time we gave 4 tips on how to start the holidays with Black Friday. We promised to share more tips and creative ideas with you, here you will find 6 of the best/nicest tips we came across.

It's important to keep in mind that the holidays are not only busy for you as a retailer but that customers also run around trying to find that one perfect gift. Out of lack of time and habit, they quickly reach out to the stores they know and trust. To make sure they skip their go-to store, you need to make sure they break their habit, or even better, change it to your advantage. You must become their new go-to store! But how do you do that? By excelling, being creative and leaving an impression. We've collected 5 tips to help you do this.

The first step towards development is knowledge. Know where your flaws are and turn them into strengths. Check reviews about your shop on review websites or your own site if you offer that possibility. Are there certain products that don't work properly or have a bad price/quality ratio according to buyers? Then consider temporarily removing these products from your assortment. Make sure that you communicate this, respond to these messages that you have taken the products out of your assortment and are busy with a quality survey. Potential buyers who read these reviews will see that quality is very important to you, this inspires confidence.

Complaints about slow delivery or long response times from customer service can now also be dealt with. As we said last time, you might want to consider taking on additional (holiday) staff so that you can extend your "opening hours" and process orders at a later date. Put this on your website in a big way, just like the shops that hang it on their doorstep during the holidays. After all, why shouldn't webshops be able to adjust their times during the holidays? And even if you already have sharp "opening hours", you can still use it to promote. After all, who wouldn't be happy with a "order before 23.00 hours, next day at home" delivery? Then it's immediately clear that you're fast, which is very important around the holidays, so customers will then look around a bit longer anyway.

Start early
Now that you've turned your weaknesses into strengths and you've got your supplies in order, you can start. Maybe you have some leftover stock that you'd like to get rid of so you have room for your runners? Or you just want to attract customers with great deals now, so they can remember your store for the big deals on Black Friday. People buy products all year round and orientate themselves early on to the locations for their Christmas shopping. Because you can't know where to go for that bag, that smell or those games early enough. In that early search they will hopefully come across your website. If you already have great discounts on this, you increase the chance that they will come back with Black Friday for even better prices, but also that they are already buying something. Because if you imagine that product is already sold out with Black Friday? So run the risk that you have a less good offer to get, you already have a gift! And for you as a seller, this is the ideal way to get rid of that stock and lure people to your site. If they immediately see your sharp delivery times, they'll remember you for when they have to buy their latest gifts at the last minute. In combination with the tips below it can hardly go wrong anymore.

To make sure that this early sale is successful and that customers also come back later, you can use your Google ads. Collect data from your product feed to create ads with notifications such as "Offer valid until midnight". Or "only 5 in stock!". This works great for that stock. People buy in faster if they know that there is a time limit or a limited number of products left. Even if it's not true, they don't know...

Don't they buy your products? Then use a retargeting campaign to lure them back during the holidays. Refresh their memory of your store with product ads about products they viewed a few weeks ago or even put in their shopping cart. If there is a discount on the product, state how much cheaper it is now in order to persuade them to buy it anyway. You are now a shop they remember, they know who you are, what you offer and that you offer good prices. This is the first step to becoming their new go-to store. This is of course also possible for customers who have bought something, it is never wrong to refresh their memory.

Make it easy
Once they are on your site, make it easy for them. And what's easier than pre-packaged packages? It's just a pity that existing gift packages have been the same for years. Easy, but not original. Although people will probably be happy with their favorite scent and a matching shower gel, there is no surprise at all in these familiar packages.

So try to make your own packages. Debra Conrad made 4 videos with tips to make the perfect gift packages. You can do this yourself, adapted to your age, hobby or price range, or create a bundle of offers such as the well-known laptop-mouse-and-keyboard combination for example. But you can also let your customers put something together themselves. Create a page with all possible items to place in a package. Let a customer add a price range and let him/her fill his/her shopping basket until the price limit is reached. Or something easier, work with stacked discounts and offer a packing option. To close, you can set up a feature to offer a few specific items with large discounts directly before checkout, so that they might buy a little more than planned. Of course, taking into account the price range, an additional product that is just as expensive as the whole package, they will never buy. Be realistic and make sure they are appropriate and good offers, otherwise it won't work.

Creative return policy
However, it sometimes happens that, despite your careful choice, you buy a gift that the recipient does not like. And how uncomfortable is it to have to admit this? Such a gift is often politely accepted and then disappears into the closet, a shame! Time to make it easier for recipients to exchange gifts they don't want, even if they don't have the voucher. And pay particular attention to your return period. If you want customers to buy their Christmas gifts with Black Friday, it can't be exchanged within 30 days, of course. So give them a little more time to get in touch with your customers, because you think along with them and adjust your service if necessary. This inspires confidence and shops that people trust are visited more often.

When it comes to creative return options, you can, for example, put a sticker with a return code on the product so that the recipient can exchange the product. Preferably you do this without mentioning a price, but for example by creating a page with products within the same price category at which they can exchange their product. Be flexible, someone can choose something a bit more expensive, while others might settle for something less. You can also add extra payment options (e.g. +€5,- or +€10,-) so that they can get their favourite product with a small extra payment. If all this is not possible or takes a lot of work, please try to exchange or return the product with a code. Make sure they remember your webshop because of your good service!

Give discount
If the gifts are all to your liking (which we assume of course) you can lure these satisfied recipients to your webshop by giving them a discount coupon. Make sure that this voucher is really included with the product, such as a sticker or a voucher in the packaging. Otherwise there is a chance that the buyer will use the voucher. That's fine, of course, but that person is already a customer, the recipient still has to bring you in. Because even though the holidays are over, new customers are always welcome. Maybe they like your shop so much that they will buy their gifts there next year. Then you are a go-to shop for next year.

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