Tritac (Master) Cycleon acquires Katana PIM system

Cycleon acquires Katana PIM system

10 January 2019  |  E-commerce, PIM

Cycleon, the internationally renowned reseller, has decided to aqcuire our Katana PIM system to store its product information. Cycleon has thereby taken its first important step of their new e-commerce strategy. Katana PIM is used send their product information to ChannelEngine, so they can extend the reach of their products to new and different online marketplaces.

A good PIM (Product Information Management) system is a vital part of any E-commerce strategy. It is used to store and manage all available product information of an organization in a structured way. Instead of using several Excel files or separate software packages, you will have one central system. This system then forms the basis from which all product information can be sent on to different systems (such as webshops, ERP software and WMS software).

At Tritac, in addition to our E-commerce package Katana Commerce, we have also created our own PIM system, called Katana PIM. Katana PIM can be fully integrated with Katana Commerce, but can also be used as a separate package, as is the case for Cycleon.