Run a business or just run?

Run a business or just run?

25 August 2016  |  E-commerce

What started with a small group of people has become the biggest sports event in the e-commerce business. This probably doesn't surprise the founders of this event, because they believe that running an e-commerce business and running, have a lot in common. First, both are very challenging. Second, it's not about how fast you go, but to keep going when things get tough. So, are you running a business or are you just running?

There's certainly truth in their theory. While running, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Unexpected traffic can appear and the road can change from flat to hilly and from asphalted to muddy. These are common challenges that you can anticipate and perhaps avoid. The real challenges come from sudden roadblocks, closed bridges and literal bumps in the road. Things you didn't see coming, but still need to deal with in the best possible way. Sometimes this takes a lot of extra time and creativity, but the detour can turn out to be even better and more beautiful than the one you wanted to take.

Running a business
Running a business can be like that. Competition is everywhere, new webshops appear every day and techniques are developing at the same speed. Deliveries should be made as quickly as possible and preferably free of charge. Challenges that you know are there, but make it a little harder to reach your destination. Moreover, you have to be fast before someone else comes up with the best solution. For example, same-day delivery is becoming more and more common and Amazon even delivered a package with a drone in December 2016. A bump in the road, competition you might not be able to compete with. It challenges your creativity to come up with an alternative that keeps your customers from going to someone else.

Tritac can help
Although we do not have any drones available for your delivery, we can help you with the optimization of your webshop. With more than 13 years of experience we can customize your webshop. Our designers can provide a sleek design and our developers will ensure that everything works well and quickly. So you can take it easy and limit your running to the ecommerce or your personal running moments.

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