The name is Kuit, Mike Kuit

The name is Kuit, Mike Kuit

18 October 2019  |  Tritac

To our great sadness, we've recently had to say goodbye to our project manager Jennifer. She was a great colleague and a friend to many of us, but last month her long-held dream of working in education finally grew too strong to ignore. As a result, we have been on the lookout for a new project manager to strengthen our ranks.

After an extensive search we came into contact with an experienced heavyweight from the communication sector, who turned out to be quite the find! His name? Michael Kuit. But as we like to collect employees with the same name, we already have several Michael's around the office. So in order to communicatie effectively we have decided to call him Mike. Fortunately, his friends call him that too :-)

Mike is coming to us from Mplus, a company that focuses on supporting organizations to better respond to the changes within the world of 'digital' and 'communicare'. Because of his previous experience, we expect him to be a strong communicator.

We have also been impressed with his ability to handle project management. In his first few weeks, he looked around and listened attentively, and has recently started appropriating projects and adding structure. His strengths lie in attention to detail, but without losing sight of 'the bigger picture'.

We are confident Mike will turn out to be a great addition to our team and we hope that you - our customers - will also grow to like him, as we have. This of course also applies to Shair, who has grown from developer to project manager. Together, these gentlemen will give new impetus to the project management department.