Work on the (mobile) shop

Work on the (mobile) shop

19 July 2013  |  E-commerce

More and more online purchases are made via smartphones and tablets. For retailers, the use of mobile technology plays an important role in this. In order to satisfy current and future customers, the presentation of the offer must be adapted for mobile use. This is a development that can no longer be ignored, unless you want customers to eventually cut off.

Tips for the usability of the mobile webshop

1) Develop mobile version
A webshop developed as a desktop site does not always work well for mobile users. The website needs to be optimized for mobile devices and different screen resolutions. This can be done, for example, by means of a responsive website. It does not matter what kind of device the customer uses to visit the webshop, because it automatically adapts to the size of the mobile device.

2) Define desired applications
The mobile version is not a copy of the regular website. In general, it is not necessary to display everything from the website in the mobile version. Therefore, define the core functionalities that are mainly used in the regular webshop. Determine which functions the mobile webshop should have and which should not. Attention must be drawn to the most important content!

3) Clear use 
There is less space for content, because smartphones and tablets have smaller resolutions than desktops and laptops. The navigation for a mobile version should be as compact as possible and as easy as possible. Long texts are unnecessary in the mobile version. The content must be limited to the core of the message.

4) Navigating differently
With a touchscreen it is different to navigate with a mouse. Navigating with a finger is not as precise as with a mouse. Buttons that need to be pressed must be large enough to be clicked on with a finger. Textual hyperlinks should not be too small either, and the technique of navigating by swiping is something that is good for the user experience.

5) Optimizing your shopping cart
The shopping cart is important for every webshop, because it allows users to keep track of the products they want to buy. Make sure that products can be added and removed easily. And if visitors are logged in to their mobile and have added products to their shopping cart, they expect these products to still be in the shopping cart when they log in to another device.

6) Sufficient payment options 
Customers also want to be able to find their desired payment method on the mobile version. It is important to simplify the registration process for mobile users and to offer them the possibility of making a payment without having to register via well-known payment services, such as IDEAL, PayPal and credit card.