All in one voucher

All in one voucher

New Umbraco website for the new gift card 'All in one voucher'

Fashion check & Tritac: a long and trusted collaboration

Our intention is to enter into a long and trusted partnership with our customers. A good example of this is the team behind the fashioncheque. We have been working with them for many years. We have literally shared joys and sorrows. Unfortunately, test balloons such as the All You Need Is Love shop did not become the success that had been hoped for in advance. But yes, that is part of entrepreneurship. Fortunately, our relationship has had many successes. The best known example is of course the fashioncheque itself. We have developed both the website, the webshop and the service portal for them.

The multilingual website serves as a showcase for what the fashioncheque is and what you can do with it. Visitors can also find a suitable location through the shop finder where they can buy or spend their fashioncheque. You can order a fashioncheque at the webshop and the service portal takes care of the administration (including invoicing and registration) of the fashioncheque gift cards.

All in one!

The team behind the fashioncheque is constantly innovating. The overflowing market for gift cards requires courage and creativity to introduce a new card. Team fashioncheque now comes with the All in one voucher!

The All in one voucher is a gift that can be filled in at your own choice. The recipient can choose from 25 A brands from various branches, such as fashion, beauty, hotel stays, experiences, electronics or books.

Umbraco CMS

Our CMS software has been developed based on the popular and fast-growing Umbraco. The big advantage of this CMS software is the flexibility and user-friendliness. The management part is very easy and quick to understand for beginners. With a range of components, a user can create and edit his / her own (complex) pages. These components are custom made by us to the desired design and / or corporate identity.

We can develop an Umbraco website based on an existing website (or house style), a newly supplied design (or house style) or a design (or house style) made by our design department. The desired choice is yours.

We have also developed the All in one voucher website. The technically challenging design proved to be no obstacle for the Umbraco platform (and our design department: D).

Go to the new website of All in one voucher.

Bam Wonen

Bam Wonen

A triple: API, PIM & shop!