Bam Wonen

Bam Wonen

A triple: API, PIM & shop!


BAM Wonen (BAM living) is a large branch within the BAM group that is responsible for large new construction projects, among other things. BAM Wonen uses Katana PIM and the API to translate complex construction-specific data sets and products such as floors and doors into a structured product database where filtering and searching can be done quickly via the API.

One of the most important pillars within BAM Wonen is the creation of an experience center, called Homestudios, where buyers of new construction projects can make choices from an extension, type of skylight or dormer window to furnishing of toilets, kitchen and much more. It is important for this project that the calculations of the building material can be translated into the tool used within Homestudios. For example, if a larger window is chosen, then there are extra costs for the material of the frame, but then fewer tiles are needed for the wall that the frame enters and less cement. These complex calculations are done with the help of Katana PIM and the API.

Visitors to the experience center, Homestudios, immediately see the costs of the choices they make in the experience center. Crucial is the speed with which it must be possible to retrieve data via the API, various calls.


Homestudios is the flagship of BAM Wonen. The A+ experience propagated by Homestudio's via the Experience center, where buyers of a BAM new-build house or apartment can visit to put their house together, is now also online.

Where visitors can assemble their extension, kitchen and bathroom fixtures at the Homestudio's experience center, they now also have the opportunity to assemble the rest of their interior through the Katana Commerce environment. Via a webshop where various Homestudios partners deliver their articles, you can order your new couch, lamps, TV and much more for your new home to be delivered.

Through various links the suppliers know when the new construction project will be delivered, but also when there is a delay. Naturally, the buyers of the new-build project can also have the items delivered directly to their current address.

With this extra service to the buyers, Homestudios offers a unique experience and with Katana Commerce they can also offer the A+ experience online as they do in the experience center.



The new webshop of Boottotaal has been launched.