The new webshop of Boottotaal has been launched.

From water sports enthusiasts to water sports enthusiasts...

Boottotaal (boat total) is the newest member of the Katana family. The people behind this company are real water sports enthusiasts. Since childhood the owners, Frank and Susan Hazenberg, can be found on or around the water. Boottotaal belongs to the water sports webshops with the largest and broadest range of products in the Netherlands. Their expertise about this sport and everything around it is impressive. Together with our knowledge of e-commerce, this makes it a powerful collaboration.

Through an intermediary and the HISWA we came into contact with each other. A few conversations later made it clear that both parties were very keen on working together. Our e-commerce platform is extremely suitable for webshops such as those of Boottotaal. A large assortment requires a fresh and clear front- and backend. There's a reason that Katana is also available as a PIM system. Even with a large number of products, like another customer from us called Galoha, Katana remains quick and clear.

Every day, we are working on optimising and expanding this system, because we still have a lot of wishes for our platform ourselves. Through our customers, more and more fun functionalities are added. Boottotaal, for example, will soon be looking for a real propeller finder with which its customers can find the right propeller for their boat in a user-friendly manner.


The design for the new Katana webshop of Boottotaal has been kept as light and clear as possible. Given the size and range of products, we thought this was the most suitable way to keep the UI clear and in balance. The product is in the spotlight. Only the footer stands out. This is where our designers went all out.

For the sake of user-friendliness and conversion, we make sure that important elements stand out as much as possible. An example of this is the 'buy box' on the product detail page. This scrolls along with the user when they are looking for more information about the product in question. Another example is the header with the links to the shopping cart.

Boottotaal's product range is so wide that you cannot avoid a large number of categories. In the previous webshop of Boottotaal this became at some point confusing for the visitor. Especially for webshops with a large and wide assortment we have a main menu available where you can put a large number of categories in without losing the overview. This turned out to be a godsend for Bootototaal. Other webshops with a large assortment, such as and, also use such a menu.

A pleasant collaboration

During this project we were able to work very well with the team behind Boottotaal. They know what they want and liked to hear and listen to our advice. They are experts in water sports and everything around it. We also have a lot of admiration for the fact that only he and his wife have been able to exploit Boottotaal. Together with two young children demanding all the attention.

We are looking forward to endure our working relationship with this family to develop beautiful new functionalities and to let the webshop grow further.

KPN International

KPN International

The website of KPN International, a regular customer of ours for many years, has been given a new look.