The KNGU fanshop

The KNGU fanshop

Katana is getting more and more sporty!

Turn up the heat

The KNGU Fanshop is for the real fans of gymnastics. The 'The art of motion' label of Craft stands proudly on all fanware. The shop-in-site integration of Katana Commerce fitted exactly with the wishes of Dutch Gymnastics, the gymnastics network of the Netherlands.

This eye-catching webshop was developed in just a few days. The existing corporate identity and layout of Dutch Gymnastics was largely adopted to ensure that the external webshop would have many similarities with the existing website. This contributes to the reliability of the webshop for the target group.

For the logistics part of the KNGU fanshop Tritac made a link with Fulfilment Solutions in Nieuw-Vennep. Online payments are completed by means of payment service provider Buckaroo.

Craft Multistore

Where Craft once started out as a small Swedish brand for thermal clothing, it has now grown into a global brand with a wide range of clothing for various sports. Craft believes that good sportswear contributes to optimal performance in every sport.

Thanks to years of good cooperation between Tritac and Fulfilment Solutions, Craft has come our way. Craft already joined forces with Fulfilment Solutions as a logistics partner and was - in the very short term - also looking for a suitable e-commerce partner. An important requirement was that the e-commerce platform could have multiple 'storefronts' in one management area: a multistore.

The multistore that Tritac created for Craft Sportswear is exactly what the Katana Commerce platform was built for. Implementing one back-end for different front-ends is ideal for brand shops. The Katana Commerce platform gives you a complete overview of all your webshops, gives you quick insights into sales & order statuses and is very easy to load.

All in one voucher

All in one voucher

New Umbraco website for the new gift card 'All in one voucher'