KPN International

KPN International

The website of KPN International, a regular customer of ours for many years, has been given a new look.

Business to business

In addition to serving consumers, KPN also serves business customers. The majority of business (and acquisitions) are arranged outside the website. However, there must be a professional website where the various services of KPN International are briefly explained.

The previous version of KPN International had to be set up quickly at the time. The previous developer of the KNP International website quit and we had a few days to transfer the website to our system. This project was a success and the website continued to serve as the portal for KPN's business customer for many years to come.

A few months ago, we finally responded to our call to think about a new website. In the meantime, the design of the website at that time had more than caught up with the ravages of time. Not optimal for your image as a professional player in the field of digital infrastructure.

Getting started

After that, it went pretty fast. Despite the fact that the people behind KPN International were extremely busy, we managed to get the renewal project off the ground. Our design department made a new design and after a few iterations it was ready to be implemented in a new CMS platform.

We have been using the popular CMS platform Umbraco for a few months now. Unlike Wordpress, for example, this platform is built from scratch as a CMS platform for websites. This minimalist and user-friendly platform is easy to master. Even for users who have not eaten much cheese from CMS systems.

After the successful completion of the implementation of the design, we gave a short course to the future administrators of the website. They then filled the website with all the desired information and media. The result is a fresh, minimalist website that has to be a professional showcase for the business branch of KPN. That our cooperation can only last a long time.



New Umbraco website as part of rebranding from Capayable to In3