The most user-friendly and flexible CMS.

Umbraco as your weapon of choice

After extensive research and testing, Tritac chose the Umbraco CMS platform for the development of responsive, future-proof websites.

Umbraco is a flexible, user-friendly and open-source Content Management System (CMS) which is rapidly growing worldwide. The platform is built to be multi-lingual and has the ability to connect multiple front ends (websites) to a single Umbraco CMS platform.

Umbraco has the flexibility to support both small/simple and large/complex websites. The CMS is used globally by over 350.000 large and small businesses. From your local clothing store to Microsoft, Umbraco websites are everywhere.


In the CMS environment you can organize your website completely to your wishes with different types of pages. There are ‘ordinary’ content pages, but also blogs, news, FAQs and contact pages.


You can create as many users as you want and give each user individual access. Or you can create standard user groups so you can organize users in groups with specific permissions (without having to do every user individually).

Media library

Umbraco has an easy-to-use media library. You can easily create folders and drag your media files to these folders. Then, simply select the library into a lay-out element when you want to place an image.


Different types of pages can be structured differently with a wide range of components. Some of these components are: dividers (lines, stripes, white space, etc.), forms, grids, FAQs, banners, galleries, sliders or ‘regular’ content. The components can be arranged in any order you want and placed on the page. And each lay-out element has a range of settings to change and/or decide like button color, text width, space, type of header and the division of images vs. text. Apart from pages you can set up menus, forms, 404 pages and shared components.

  • Lay-out
  • Users
  • Media library
  • Components

Umbraco’s 10 biggest advantages

  • Flexible and expandable platform that is easy to arrange exactly how you want it.
  • Easy to integrate with other systems.
  • Multiple different user roles.
  • Massive community that’s continuously contributing to new developments and improvements.
  • Actively being developed and improved on by the Umbraco team.
  • SEO friendly (search engine friendly URLs and metadata can be filled in per page).
  • The CMS is fresh and user-friendly.
  • Flexible multi-language capabilities.
  • Built on Microsoft .Net technology.
  • Developed as a CMS from the very start (contrary to WordPress for example).
  • Flexible and scalable platform which is easily customizable.
Passionate about hosting and support

Passionate about hosting and support

Fast, secure and reliable hosting are some of the main ingredients of your online success. Your website should perform fast and stable at all times.

Reliable hosting is part of our service. And our support team is at your service 24/7 to make sure your website is functioning properly.

Experienced in integrating

For over 15 years we’ve been integrating a wide variety of systems to our e-commerce software, from ERP systems, WMS systems, Payment Service Providers, check-out software, to accountancy software. Some of the products we have a lot of experience with are Navision, SAP, Unit4 and Exact.

A dedicated team is ready for you in Leiden

A dedicated team is ready for you in Leiden

Working with Tritac

Tritac has a dedicated team that works on high-quality and reliable one-stop solutions for our clients. We see ourselves as real techies and we love solving complex problems. Our knowledge and years of experience help us understand the e-commerce world like no other. And allow us to be your partner throughout the process: from idea to strategy, development and continuing success.

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A lot of beautiful and successful partnerships started in our office over a good cup of coffee. We like to take the time to get to know each other. Feel free to get in touch and drop by some time.