A website that’s built to impress

A website that’s built to impress

We build professional websites tailored completely to your needs.

We can help you reach any goal

Lead generation

Do you already know your customers or do you want to attract as many new customers as possible? We can build you the perfect website. We specifically design, develop and realize your website to focus on generating leads and to trigger visitors to act.

Brand building

‘I NEED this!’ is what your users should think when they see your future branding website. They should be seduced by it and compelled to return to it. Everything should fit. We’ll present your identity, product and/or service in the most attractive and recognizable way possible to your target audience, completely based on your corporate identity and on your vision.


The main goal of any website is to satisfy its visitors’ needs. Online shopping works the same as offline shopping: customers scan what’s on offer and when the desired product or information isn’t immediately available, the exit button always is. We’ll make sure your future website is completely designed to keep the customer on-site. Anything they’re looking for is easily and quickly found in a pleasant and intuitive environment. And Umbraco’s flexibility means there’s endless possibilities to optimize your website in any way you want.

Your professional website, made-to-measure


With the right mix of technology and creativity, our designers will design a beautiful website completely tailored to your wishes, your corporate identity and your target audience. We’ll employ the latest insights and technologies and apply all of our extensive experience in usability and conversion.


Your custom website will run on the Umbraco platform, which is based on Microsoft technology. Umbraco is a flexible and scalable CMS which you’ll quickly get the hang of. You’ll easily (and without our help) create complex pages and completely decide their layout yourself.


Whether you already have a design or let us design something for you, we’ll make sure it’s built. The Umbraco platform is developed to be completely adaptable to your wishes and the wishes of your target audience.


Next to a custom website, we can also help you create a complete branding. From flyers, brochures, packaging material and product packaging to a complete corporate identity.

  • Creativity
  • User-friendly
  • Development
  • Branding
Umbraco: the most user-friendly and flexible CMS

Umbraco: the most user-friendly and flexible CMS

Umbraco is your weapon of choice

Umbraco is a flexible, user-friendly and open-source Content Management System (CMS) and it’s rapidly evolving globally. Do you want to connect a multi-language platform or several front-ends (websites) to a single system? Umbraco is the best choice for you.

Whether you want a large or a small, a complex or a simple website, Umbraco’s flexibility supports it all. The system is used worldwide by over 350.000 businesses large and small. From Microsoft to local clothing stores, Umbraco websites can be found everywhere.

Sell products too?

Sell products too?

Next to custom websites, we also build online stores. For this, we use the Katana Commerce e-commerce platform, which we’ve developed in-house. We have many years of real-world e-commerce experience and we’ve used all of this experience to build the Katana Commerce e-commerce platform.

We’ve built the ultimate e-commerce platform which truly meets every requirement our customers have. We’ve built our platform to be scalable, ensuring it can grow in any direction. And we keep up with daily developments in technology and design to ensure Katana Commerce will always be up-to-date.

Passionate about hosting and support

Passionate about hosting and support

Fast, secure and reliable hosting are some of the main ingredients of your online success. Your website should perform fast and stable at all times.

Reliable hosting is part of our service. And our support team is at your service 24/7 to make sure your website is functioning properly.

Innovating web development

Innovating web development

Technology is developing at breakneck speed, especially in the online landscape. This influences how customers get in touch with brands. We’re always working on the cutting-edge and we’re always looking to innovate. It’s how we create new opportunities for your brand.

Continuous development of your environment is done safely by use of a DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production) street. This allows us to efficiently and in a controlled manner bring out new releases and implement patches.

And we use the Scrum method of managing our projects. Scrum is an agile framework and is used to develop software effectively and flexibly within teams.

A dedicated team is ready for you in Leiden

A dedicated team is ready for you in Leiden

Working with Tritac

Tritac has a dedicated team that works on high-quality and reliable one-stop solutions for our clients. We see ourselves as real techies and we love solving complex problems. Our knowledge and years of experience help us understand the e-commerce world like no other. And allow us to be your partner throughout the process: from idea to strategy, development and continuing success.

Let's have coffee

A lot of beautiful and successful partnerships started in our office over a good cup of coffee. We like to take the time to get to know each other. Feel free to get in touch and drop by some time.