E-commerce for wholesalers and distributors

E-commerce for wholesalers and distributors

Katana Commerce is our powerful e-commerce platform for wholesalers and distributors.

The new standard for wholesalers and distributors

More and more people are buying online and they expect more and more from the online stores they use. The same goes for your customers. Because of our many years of experience, Katana Commerce can meet our clients’ demands in the B2B market. And because of our B2B e-commerce platform’s flexibility and scalability, we can completely tailor it to every client. This makes Katana Commerce a powerful platform for your B2B online store.

Our platform works incredibly well for wholesalers, distributors, brands and manufacturers, and gives your customers the same user-friendly experience a B2C platform would. Of course, we’ll integrate your existing systems, like ERP and WMS, with Katana Commerce and all your data will synchronize across channels.

Ready for the future

As a distributor or wholesaler you’re faced with complex business processes and huge product listings and stocks. And you’re probably using several systems, like an ERP or WMS, or even both. Do you want to easily maintain control of it all and ensure everything runs smoothly and quickly? Katana Commerce is the solution for you.

These are some of our favorite features in Katana Commerce:

Solid foundation

Your future B2B online store will be built on the e-commerce platform Katana Commerce. Katana Commerce is built to be flexible and scalable and makes sure that all your, and your target audience’s, needs are met. For years we’ve put everything we’ve got into this platform and we’ve created the ultimate e-commerce package.

Selective product ranges

Do you have a product range that’s only available to a limited group of costumers or in a specific market? You’ll easily manage these selections by appointing products and categories to customer groups, countries or storefronts (because Katana Commerce has a multi-shop feature).

Flexible pricing groups

Not every customer of yours pays the same. Comprehensive pricing levels for each customer group or each client, combined with staggered discounts, are possible.

Quick orders

Katana Commerce has a ‘quick order’ form which allows your business customers to quickly and efficiently place their orders in your online store. And the form can be adjusted to meet your requirements and the needs of your business clients.


The prices shown in your online store can include or exclude VAT. You can even show wholesale prices only after a user is logged in.

Intra-community supply

If you export goods from the Netherlands to businesses within the EU but outside of the Netherlands, that’s known as intra-community supplying and is tax-free. You’ll have to validate your customer’s VAT number with the European VIES, which is fully automated in Katana Commerce.

B2B Credit checks

Katana Commerce has a connection with financial services which lets you easily check your B2B suppliers’ line of credit. This means you can safely and automatically let orders be placed on credit.


Do you have several brands running on the same back end system and do you want a separate storefront for each? No problem.

Do you want to sell to both businesses and consumers? No problem either. With Katana Commerce you can manage any combination of B2B and B2C stores.

  • Solid foundation
  • Selective product ranges
  • Flexible pricing groups
  • Quick orders
  • VAT
  • Intra-community supply
  • B2B Credit checks
  • Multi-shop
The flexible and scalable solution for your B2B needs

The flexible and scalable solution for your B2B needs

Integrate with any system

For over 15 years we’ve been integrating a wide variety of systems to our e-commerce software, from ERP systems, WMS systems, Payment Service Providers, check-out software, to accountancy software. Some of the products we have a lot of experience with are Navision, SAP, Unit4 and Exact.

A list of the possibilities:

PIM — Product Information Management

There are many benefits to managing your products from one centralized point. Katana has an extensive PIM environment that can be completely integrated. Already have a PIM system that you like? No problem, we can easily integrate that with Katana Commerce.

ERP integration

Katana Commerce can be completely integrated with your ERP or your financial package so all information is updated and exchanged automatically. We have a lot of experience integrating ERPs from companies like Navision, SAP, Unit4 and Exact. Do you use a different ERP? No problem, we can integrate any custom system.

WMS integration

Katana Commerce has multiple WMS connections available. A WMS (Warehouse Management System) is most often part of your ERP package. Some of our clients work with external logistic services (like 3PL) in which case we integrate the logistics funnel with their WMS. In any case, we can connect any WMS or 3PL supplier.


You can even manage your customer and supplier data in Katana Commerce without a separate CRM system. Want to continue using your existing CRM? We can connect that to Katana Commerce.

Passionate about hosting and support

Passionate about hosting and support

Fast, secure and reliable hosting are some of the main ingredients of your online success. Your online store should perform fast and stable at all times.

Reliable hosting is part of our service. And our support team is at your service 24/7 to make sure your online store is functioning properly.

Innovating e-commerce

Innovating e-commerce

Technology is developing at breakneck speed, especially in the e-commerce landscape. This influences how customers get in touch with brands. We’re always working on the cutting-edge and we’re always looking to innovate. It’s how we create new opportunities for your online store.

Continuous development of your environment is done safely by use of a DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production) street. This allows us to efficiently and in a controlled manner bring out new releases and implement patches.

And we use the Scrum method of managing our projects. Scrum is an agile framework and is used to develop software effectively and flexibly within teams.

A dedicated team is ready for you in Leiden

A dedicated team is ready for you in Leiden

Working with Tritac

Tritac has a dedicated team that works on high-quality and reliable one-stop solutions for our clients. We see ourselves as real techies and we love solving complex problems. Our knowledge and years of experience help us understand the e-commerce world like no other. And allow us to be your partner throughout the process: from idea to strategy, development and continuing success.

Let's have coffee

A lot of beautiful and successful partnerships started in our office over a good cup of coffee. We like to take the time to get to know each other. Feel free to get in touch and drop by some time.

Our 90 day step-by-step plan

Your Katana e-commerce solution can become a reality in ninety days!

Tritac - Customer needs

Customer needs

It always starts with a need for change, a new adventure, a desired improvement or a new path to online success.

Tritac - Orientation


You look for a suitable party with the best e-commerce solution and you enter into discussions with multiple companies to get a good picture.

Tritac - Exploration


Of course you came to us! We listen carefully to your mission and vision. Together we discuss your wishes and requirements.

Tritac - Definition document

Definition document

If we decide to work together, we prepare an extensive definition document. This usually includes a technical, functional and graphic design.

Tritac - Quotation


With the definition document you can go in any direction if desired ... but of course we prefer to realize your e-commerce platform and make an offer for this.

Tritac - Setup & configuration

Setup & configuration

Once approved, the project is planned and we first start with the setup & configuration of your new Katana platform.

Tritac - Delivery & explanation

Delivery & explanation

If the testing phase is successful, we will provide training for your internal organization to get to know the Katana platform.

Tritac - Implementation


During implementation, developers & designers work together to ensure that programming work and the implementation of the design run as smoothly as possible.

Tritac - Test phase

Test phase

The test phase includes both the internal tests on our side and the test and acceptance on your side. The feedback and fine-tuning is processed accordingly.

Tritac - Launch


When the test phase and delivery have been completed, nothing will stand in the way of a live go. Off to the stars ... and beyond!